SEO / E-marketing

(SEO / E-Marketing)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Getting your name listed in the search engines and directories on the internet
is a key element in marketing your website. We undertake an analysis of your site
and related keywords that describe and are related to your business area.
After this we design/redesign your site in a manner that is "friendly" to the major search engines (e.g. Google,Yahoo,MSN etc.) and submit your site for them checking (spidering).
We would then monitor the usage of your site and links from the search engines and make changes as appropriate.

Website Links
Links from other sites to yours can be helpful in raising your "website ranking"
As long as the linking site is a genuine complementary one.

Reference Your Site In All your Stationary/Advertising
Maximize your website by referencing your domain name wherever you can.
We can advise on a strategy for Online Marketing Please Contact Us for a Quote